Vegetable crop and protection lab

Head: Volchkevich Irina Georgievna, Ph.D.Agr.Sci.
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Volchkevich Irina Georgievna

Volchkevich Irina Georgievna was born on June 18, 1979 in the village of Svisloch the Grodno district Grodno oblast. In 2001 she graduated from Grodno State Agrarian University Plant Protection Faculty with a specialty in agrochemistry, soil science and plant protection. She began her labour activity at the Open Stock-Holding Company “ Vileiskaya raiselkhozkhimiya” of the Minsk oblast in the position of Chief Agronomist of the subsidiary farm “Druzhba” During the period from 2002 to 2005 she has studied at the Post-graduate course at the RUE “Institute of plant protection”. In 2010 she defended her Ph.D. dissertation on the topic:” Justification of rational herbicides use in common onion crops cultivated in the annual crop”. In 2005-2007 she has worked as a Junior Scientist, 2007-2008 - Scientific Scientist – Senior Scientific Worker, 209-2010 – Leading Scientific Worker of Vegetable Crop and Potato Protection Lab. Since 01.01. 2013 - she is at the Head of Vegetable Crop and Potato Protection Lab. The range of scientific interests is the study of specific composition, the structure of noxious organisms dominance in table root crops agrocenoses (carrots and table beet), onion crops (common onion, winter garlic), cruciferous crops (white-head cabbage, garden radish) and the development of rational protection systems.

Historic reference: The laboratory for vegetable crop protection as an independent unit was separated from the Biological Method of Protection against Noxious Organisms Depasrtment in 1974. Its first head was Ph.D.Agr.Sci. Kustova Alexandra Ivanovna. From 1980 to 2000 Ph.D.Biol.Sci.Sidlyarevich Victor Ivanovich has been at the Head of the lab and in 2001-2002 –Ph.D.Biol.Sci. Beynya Vladimir Alexandrovich. Since 2002 Dr.Agr.Sci. Prishchepa Iosif Alexeevich has been at the Head of the lab.
The employees of the laboratory have developed the integrated systems for cabbage, carrots, table beet, onion protection against pests, diseases and weeds in the open ground, cucumber and tomato - in the protected ground. The developed systems are characterized by high biological and economic efficiency. These systems are based on biological characteristics of pests and disease agents taking into account the disease resistance of protected crops and the activity of useful species of entomophages. Currently, the team of employers is working on solving the priority problems on the environmental safety of plant protection products, creating new resource-saving technologies for vegetable crops protection against noxious organisms and providing scientific and technological support for plant protection in vegetable farms in the country. The Laboratory also conducts a number of complex studies with many scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Russia and with the aim of creating new bio-means, searching for the effective species of entomophages and antagonists. The employees of the laboratory were the initiators and pioneers of biological method of plant protection introduction into the open and protected ground, the regulations of predatory bugs Phytoseiulus persimilis and miicrolofus against spider mite (Tetranychus urticae), Encarsia formosa and Aschersonia for greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) control.
Two microbiological preparations are created at the laboratory, highly productive forms of Trichogram are isolated and selected, a collection of entomophages is formed, 5 patents are obtained, 7 books are published, 2 monographs, 2 broshures. A great contribution to scientific research has been made by Ph.Ds.Kustova A.I., Sapogova A.A., Badyai S.V.,Paramonova O.V.,Komarova M.S., Sidlyarevich V.I., Kolyadko N.N.,Popov F.A., Novikova O.T.,Zherdetskaya T.N. and also by the experienced scientific workers and specialists Lameko V.M., Poplavskaya Yu.A., Sedunova E.V., Shinkorenko E.G.
Since 01.01.2011 Potato Protection Lab (which was organized in 1987 on the basis of the Virology lab headed by the Corresponding member of the NAS of Belarus , Dr.Biol.Sci., laureate of the USSR State Prize A.L. Ambrosov and the laboratory of Potato Protection against Pests and Diseases headed by Ph.D.Biol.Sci. Kurilov V.I. have entered the Vegetable Crop and Potato Protection lab. At the Head of Potato Protection Lab have been Dr.Agr.Sci.Zh.V.Blotskaya, Ph.D.Biol.Sci. N.N. Timofeev, Ph.D. Agr.Sci. M.I. Zhukova.

Direction of work:
- development and improvement of ecologically friendly systems of main vegetable crops of open and protected ground protection against pests, diseases and weeds considering varietal characteristics, growing conditions and maximum use of useful organisms and their vital activity products;
- discovery of biodiversity of noxious organisms (pests , disease agents and weed plants) in potato crop;
- study the regularities of the dynamics of their development and harmfulness in potato crop;
- development of regulations and technologies of phytosanitary products use that meet the requirements of biological efficiency, economic expediency and environmental safety.