Fodder and Technical Crop Protection Lab

Head: Zaprudsky Alexander Anatolievich, Ph.D. Agr.Sci., Associate Professor
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Employeers: 509-23-56,509-23-06, 509-23-07

Zaprudsky Alexander Anatolievich

Zaprudsky Alexander Anatolievich was born on December 2, 1983 in Gorki town, Mogiliov oblast. In 2006 he graduated from the Agronomy Faculty of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy specializing in agronomy From 2006 to 7007 he has been a Master student, and from 2007 to 2010 – a Post-graduate student of Plant Cultivation Department of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy. From 2009 to 2013 he worked as an Assistant, Senior Lecturer of Plant Growing Department, Senior Lecturer of Plant Growing department. In 2012 he defended his thesis for the degree of Ph.D.Agr.Sci. on the topic:”Comparative productivity of winter rape hybrids and varieties, depending on the methods of cultivation under conditions of the north-eastern part of Belarus”. Since February 1,2013 he has been working as a Senior Researcher at the Institute and since January 1, 2015 as the Head of the Laboratory.

Historical reference. To solve the urgent problems of phytosanitary monitoring, to study the biological characteristics of harmful organisms and to develop the effective and environmentally friendly measures to protect this crop group in 1977 the Technical Crop Protection Lab was organized which in 1991 became an integral part of fodder and technical crop protection lab.
The head of the lab turned out to be Dr.Agr.Sci. Padionov Kuzma Platonovich. Later on, the Heads of the extended laboratory for fodder and technical crop protection were Ph.Ds. Zolin Victor Petrovich, Shikalchik Nina Vasilievna, Budrevich Anatoly Petrovich, Hajyieva Halina Iosefovna.
A successful solution of a large group of agricultural crops protection against a complex of noxious organisms became possible only thanks to the laborious and purposeful work of highly qualified specialists such as Prof.dr hab. Padionov Kuzma Platonovich, Ph.Ds. Turishcheva N.A., Tsvetkov S.G., Samersova V.A., Yanovich V.I., Mormyleva V.F., Osipov V.G., Shikalchik N.V., Zolin V.P.,Hajyieva H.I., Evsikov D.O., Boyar D.M. as well as the other employees with many years of experience – Shiyan L.K., Krupets L.F., Odinets V.V., Starostina M.A., Tralenko G.Ya., Gutkovskaya N.S., Polozniak E.N., Ageichik V.V., Galyakevich N.V., Botyan G.N., Trafimchik A.Ya.
According to the research results , 1 doctoral and 6 Ph.D. dissertations were defended by the laboratory staff. A large amount of information and reference material (handbooks, booklets, information sheets), recommendations, training aids, State standards, regulations have been prepared.

Direction of work:

- improvement of integrated systems of fodder and technical crop protection against pests, diseases and weeds;
- phytosanitary control of planting material for the current year harvest and monitoring of the phytosanitary situation in rape, fiber flax, sugar beet, leguminous crops, perennial legumes (birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus), goat’s rue (Galega) and grasses (timothy grass (Phleum pretense), perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), sloughgrass (Beckmania eruciformis);
- biology features study of the most common and noxious phytophages and disease agents; 
- ecological and economic justification of the effectiveness of plant protection products application;
-short-term and long-term forecast of pests, diseases and weeds incidence development on the territory of the Republic