Phytopathological Society

The public association "Belarusian Phytopathological Society" unites specialists in the field of phytopathology, mycology, immunity, toxicology and plant protection.

The main task of the Belarusian Phytopathological Society members is a comprehensive assistance to the development of modern research directions in phytopathology, methods and means for plant protection against the pathogenic organisms and promoting environmentally friendly technologies and plant protection products.

The development of phytopathology in the Republic is closely linked with the names of outstanding scientists: Tupenevich S.M., Kuprevich V.F, Gorlenko M.V., Dorozhkin N.A., Ambrosova A.L., Fedorova N.I. and The problems of phytopathology and plant protection are still very relevant.

On April 16, 2013 within the walls of the Institute of Plant Protection a conference of the Belarusian Phytopathological Society was held, in which 40 representatives from 8 institutions of the Republic and the near abroad countries took part. At the conference the Council was elected, consisting of Buga S.F., Voitka D.V., Ilyuk AG., Zhukovsky A.G, Timofeeva V.A, Kogotko L.G, Polixenova V.D ., Brookish D.A. as well as a control and audit commission represented by E.I. Zhuk, Komardina V.S., Yuzefovich E.K. In more details

конференция 2013

The Head of the Belarusian Phytopathological Society- Buga Sveatlana Fedorovna,
Deputy – Voitka Dmitry Vladimirovich,
Secretary – Krupenko Natalia Alexandrovna.

Белорусское фитопатологическое общество входит в состав The Belarusian Phytopathological Society is a member of the European Society for Plant Pathology, the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP)

Address: st. Mira, 2, a/c Priluki, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus, 223011 +375 17 509-23-55,