Institute of Plant Protection

regulating the activities of the Institute

The RUE "Institute of Plant Protection"   carries out its activities guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, laws of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of the National Academy of Sciences, the other legislation acts of the Republic of Belarus аs well as the  Charter of the Republican Scientific Subsidiary Enterprise "Institute of Plant Protection"., approved by the Order of the Director General of the RUE “Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Arable Farming” dated October 30, 2006 № 398. The regulations defining the legal framework and guarantees of activities, the basic principles of interaction with the public authorities, the other subjects and participants of scientific, scientific- and technical and innovative activity can be found on the official website of the National Academy of Sciences here


Институт защиты растений

At a distance of 9 kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Belarus Minsk in a picturesque place among forest plantations in the old park the Belarusian Scientific-Research Institute is located (BelSRIPP).

Belarusian Scientific-Research Institute of Plant Protection  was founded on February 17, 1971.The initiative for its organization was strongly supported by the first director of the Institute, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Belarusian SSR A.L. Ambrosov, the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Belarusian SSR and the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after Lenin S.G.Skarapanov, the Academician of the AS of Belarus, the Honored Scientist of Belarus M.A. Dorozhkin.The Institute was organized on the basis of Minsk Experimental Station of the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection.The institute also included weed control laboratory, plant protection laboratory of the Belarusian Potato and Hortic Scientific-Research Institute. The Belarusian Scientific-Research Institute of Plant Protection started the activities at once. From the first days its structure was focused on the scientific support of plant protection service of the Republic.

In the first year the Agricultural Entomology (V.F. Samersov), Phytopathology (S.F.Buga), Virology (A.L. Ambrosov), Phytohelminthology (I.J.Ponin), Immunity (V.K.Neaphitova), Forecasts (N.N. Kharchenko), Biological Method of Plant Protection (R.V.Kunevich) labs were organized. Later on, Pesticide Residues Analysis (A.F. Skuriat), Economics and Plant Protection Service Organization (L.V. Sorochinsky),New Methods (A.I. Bykhovets), Microbiological Method (I.T.Korol) labs.In 1986 after the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station – Radioecology Lab (P.M.Kislushko) was organized.

During the first years the subject-matter of the Institute was directed to the development of complex agricultural crop protection systems. The main attention was focused on agrotechnical, biological, immunological and other methods, the alternative chemical method. Then the research areas somewhat have changed and deepened.

The building which houses the Institute is аn architectural monument of the 18-th century. The park visit and the behavior on its territory is done in accordance with the Rules, adopted at the meeting of the Academic Council


 Buga Sveatlana Fiodorovna Buga Sveatlana Fiodorovna
Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

 Padionov Kuzma Platonovich  Padionov Kuzma Platonovich 
Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

 Аmbrosov Anton Lavrentievich Аmbrosov Anton Lavrentievich
the first Director of the Instituteof Plant Protection

 Samersov Vilor Fridmanovich Samersov Vilor Fridmanovich
the second Director of the Institute of Plant Protection

 Blotskaya Zhanna Victorovna Blotskaya Zhanna Victorovna
Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

 EN Сорочинский Леонид Васильевич EN Сорочинский Леонид Васильевич
профессор, доктор сельскохозяйственных наук

 Trepashko Lyudmila Ivanovna Trepashko Lyudmila Ivanovna
professor,Doctor of Biological Sciences