Information, marketing and patent research department

Head: Golovach Vladimir Vasilievich,
Tel.: +375 (17) 509-23-68, mobile +375 (29) 606-26-13 E-mail:

Golovach Vladimir Vasilievich

Golovach Vladimir Vasilievich was born on April 22, 1967 in David-town, the Stolin district, Brest oblast. In 1991 he graduated from the Belarusian State University, Applied Mathematics Faculty. Since August 1, 1991 he has been working at the RUE “Institute of plant protection” as a programmer, sinсe 1999 – Scientific Researcher, since 2001 – Senior Researcher of the Entomology Lab. Since 2014 – Head of Information, Marketing and Patent Research Department.

Background: The department carries out the organizational and methodical management of propaganda and introduction into production the achievements and recommendations of the Institute’s scientists.
It was founded in 1971 as a scientific and technical information and propaganda department and reorganized several times. The first head of the department was Dr. Agr.Sci. Leonid Vasilievich Sorochinsky. Later on Ph.D. Agr. Sci. Zolin V.P.(1976-1979) was at the head of the department, Ph.D.Biol.Sci. Yakimovich L.P.(1979-1981), Antonov G.B. (1981-1982), Ph.D. Agr.Sci. Turishcheva N.A.{1982-1987}, Ph.D. Biol. Sci. Timofeev N.N.(2000-2003). The first head of the library was Rema Antonovna Pryamova. Later on from 1979 to 2006 – Galina Vladimirovna Sakovich, from 2006 to 2008 – Н..А. Karanevich. The exposition elaborator and responsible for historical and scientific museum was Ph.D. Biol. Sci. Inessa Trophimovna Korol. A worthy contribution to the work of the department have brought the workers and experts:Niovitskaya L.N.. (translator), Pryamova R.A., Sakovich G.V., Shibkevich V.V., Starovoitova N.I.(librarians),Trafimchik V.V., Bondarenok G.I., Kitaeva T.M. (experts on scientific elaborations into production introduction), Golovchits N.F., Zolina G.P.,(specialists in patent research and post-graduate supervisors), Morozova L.I.. (Editor), Myatezh A.I., Saginor E.R., Shapoval R.I., Gladkaya L.G., Dergay G.A. (typists), Irina Mecheslavovna Matusevich (computer’s operator).

Employees of IMPR Department:
Tovpeko Olga Nikolaevna, a leading specialist in marketing
Naumovich Anastasiya Sergeevna, a leading specialist in marketing
Tchaikovskaya Nina Sergeevna,, a leading specialist
Zhukouskaya Ina Iosifovna, programmer engineer

Directions of activities:

- establish contacts and business relations with the academic institutions of near and far abroad countries in order to exchange experiences and collaborative research; 
- the organization of conferences, seminars, training; 
- preparation of expositions for the exhibitions, 
- publication of information materials to promote and introduce the recommendations of the Institute’s scientists into production; 
- patent fund creation, providing with the patent information the performers of scientific and technical programs, intellectual property protection.

The Department includes the SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY
Leading Bibliographer: Shibkevich Valentina Vasilievna
Leading Librarian: Zmushko Sveatlana Mikhailovna
Librarian : Azarova Sveatlana Borisovna 

(017) 509-23-30, E-mail:

Directions of activities:
- service of employees in accordance with their information needs;
- fund completion with books and periodicals;
- fund record, the analytical processing of scientific publications;
- data bank , directory system and card index maintenance.

Фото музея


The museum was created on November 17, 2000. The museum contains materials about the historical past of the palace and park complex “Priluki”, shows the main stages of the Institute development, its departments and laboratories, the collective public life, plant protection researches since the middle of the XIX century.