Pesticides dynamics lab

Head: Kislushko Piotr Mikhailovich, Ph.D. Biol.Sci
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Kislushko Piotr Mikhailovich

Kislushko Piotr Mikhailovich was born on September 24, 1949 in the village of Trumpy the Volkovysk district Grodno oblast. In 1972 he graduated from Grodno State Pedagogical Institute,Chemistry and Biology Faculty, in 1975 – post-graduate studies at the Belarusian Research Institute of Crop Farming. He has been working at the Institute since 1976. From 1986-2002 - Head of Complex Plant Protection Researches Lab. Since 2003 - head of Pesticides Dynamics Lab.
The main results of scientific research : published scientific articles – 80; monography – 1; the developed methods of pesticide micro quantities determination – 10; obtained author certificates and patents – 4; developed technical conditions for plant protection products production – 4; total production volume based on elaborations of Kislushko P.M. – more than 200 t/year.

Historical reference:After the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 the question was raised on agricultural production in the contaminated by radionuclides areas. It also concerned carrying out plant protection measures in this zone. To solve the raised in 1986 problems, Complex Investigations Lab was organized later on renamed to the Technology of Production and Pesticides Application which was headed by Ph.D.Biol.Sci.Kislushko Pyotr Mikhailovich. Initially, the lab team performed a large amount of actual at that time researches on the control of agricultural production and soil contamination by radionuclides. Later on the lab carried out multilateral researches on the improvement of plant protection against noxious organisms in the radionuclide contaminated territories to reduce the technological operations of crop cultivation. As a result of this work, a promising assortment of perspective plant protection products as well as schemes of grain crops and potato protection for contaminated areas has been recommended which entered into the “Guidelines for agricultural production management under conditions of radioactive contamination of lands of the Republic of Belarus”. The researches to study the influence of mineral fertilizers on pesticides and retardants on the efficiency of pesticides and retardants applied in cereal crops have been carried out. The research results are summarized in two monographs and doctoral thesis (Prischepa I.A.). The laboratory has made great contribution to the development and organization of new chemical ecologically friendly products based on local raw material and recourses. The fungicidal preparation Azofos has been developed with its industrial production organization at the Grodno Production Amalgamation ”Azot”, Gomel chemical plant and Open Stock-Holding Company “ECOCHIMTECH”, Minsk. The fungicide-acaricide preparation PSK (Kislushko P.M.).has been developed with its experimental industrial production (Kislushko P.M.). The researches are carried out on the improvement of Azofos formulations (Azofos M, Azofos Lux), creation of new fungicidal preparations (Lidaz, Tiaz). A significant contribution to the lab researches have made Ph.Ds. Kislushko P.M., Sergeev V.V., Bykhovets S.L., Prischepa I.A. and the researches Chistyakov A.V., Borisevich A.M., Barybkin A.N.
To ensure the effective protection against pests, diseases and weeds in the technology of the most agricultural crops cultivation plant protection chemicals – pesticides are widely used which should provide with the high biological and economic efficiency at the same time being safe for humans and the environment. To ensure the ecological safety of agricultural pesticides applied in Belarus, Pesticides Dynamics Lab was organized in 1974 at the head of which has been Skuriat Aleiz Frantsevich, Ph.D.Agr.Sci. In 2003 there was a merger of the Technology of Production and Pesticides application Lab and the Pesticides Dynamics Lab and the combined laboratory was headed by Ph.D. Biol.Sci.Kislushko Piotr.
For more then 35 period of activities the lab has conducted a large series of researches on pesticides dynamics and metabolism applied in the integrated systems of potato, grain, technical, vegetable, fruit and berry and fodder crops protection to evaluate safety for the environment. The pesticides behavior in plants and soil, their impact on soil micro flora and the role of microorganisms and other factors in detoxification of certain persistent pesticides is studied. The lab has developed 32 methods of the perspective plant protection products analysis. Based on the results of comprehensive researches with the other laboratories of the Institute the State registration is done and the regulations for safe application of more than 150 preparations allowed for application in agriculture of Belarus for plant protection are developed.
The detoxification method of persistent organochlorine pesticides determination by the use of active bacteria strains isolated from soil is developed. For the first time the field station is laid down and maintained where the researches on the ecological safety of the intensive pesticides application has been done during 25 years. 
Great contribution in the lab researches has been done by Dr.Bykhovets A.I., Ph.D. Sci. Bunyakina E.M., Ph.D.Sci.Voynilo N.V.,Ph.D. Sci. Guz A.F., Ph.D.Sci.Kislushko Ph.D.Sci.P.M., Kivachitskaya M.M., Ph.D.Sci.Molchan A.P., Ph.D.Sci.Petrashkevich N.V.,Ph.D.Sci.Atrashkova A.V., Ph.D.Sci.Skuriat and the researchers Еshmanskaya B.B., Zubkevich L.V., Myshtyk F.Е., Golovchits N.F., Karchenya G.К., Borisevich А.М., Maslyakova S.V., Grushenko M.M., Dovban V.К.

Direction of work:

- development of new environmentally friendly plant protection products based on local raw material and waste of chemical industrial enterprises in Belarus;
- development and adaptation of methods for the analysis of new and promising pesticides;
- study the dynamics and pesticides content in agricultural production to evaluate the safety for the environment