Young Scientists Council

We are glad to welcome You to the page of the Young Scientists Council of the RUE “Institute of plant protection”!

Our Young Scientists Council was found on November 12,2002. The Council includes post-graduate students, researchers of the Institute under the age of 35 years old. The membership of the Bureau of the Young Scientists Council is elected by a majority of votes open vote at a general young scientists meeting. The Chairman of the Young Scientists Council is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute.

Since August 13,2015 the Chairman of Young Scientists Council has been Krupenko Natalia Alexandrovna

(+375 29) 502-97-00
(+375 17) 509-25-22

The Chairman of Young Scientists Council coordinates the scientific, organizational and public activities of the Council..

She’s got help in this respect from:
Deputy-Chairman Poplavskaya Natalia Georgievna
Mobile phone: +375297915584
working lines: +375175092522

Secretary Pilat Tatiana Gennadievna
Mobile phone: +375297702476
phone/working fax: +375175092342

Young Scientists Council at the beginning of 2015 consists of 51 Council members, among which 11 – are candidates, 4 – post –graduate students and 4 competitors. The main tasks of Young Scientists Council are: promotion of scientific, creative activities development of the Institute’s young scientists; intensification of dissertation work; young scientist interests representation in questions of working conditions improvement, life and leisure.
Young Scientists Council together with the trade union committee carries out a number of activities : organizing evenings for recreation, sporting events, as well as charitable actions to help orphans.

Спортакиада 2009 г.Спортакиада 2009 г.Спортакиада 2009 г.Встреча Нового 2010 годаСпартакиада - 2012

An active group contributing to the work of the Young Scientists Council:

Stashkevich Аlexander Vladimirovich
Khodenkova Аnnа Мikhailovna
Mаximovich Yanina Valerievna
Radevich Sveatlana Yurievna
Zayats Мikhail Fedorovich
Shareiko Tatyana Anatolyevna

We are waiting for new ideas and suggestions from You, we are open for communication and are ready for cooperation!

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