main building of plant protection institute

Institute of Plant Protection

2 Mira Street, a/c Priluki BY – 223011
Minsk District, Minsk Oblast,
Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375(017) 509-23-39

You can get to the Institute from the railway station by fixed-route taxi № 1131,1529 "Railway Station - Аtolino" and № 1545 "Malinauka metro station - Аtolino", from the bus station “ South-West” by suburban buses number 279 "Southwest - Atolino" № 213 "Southwest - Maripol", № 339 "Southwest - Zabolotie" to the stop "Priluki".

Belarusian Scientific-Research Institute of Plant Protection (BelNIIZR) was organized on February 17, 1971 (Council of Ministers Decree № 37 "On the organization of Belarusian Research Institute of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of BSSR”) on the base of Minsk Experimental Station on Colorado potato beetle nematodes and potato wart disease of the All-Union Plant Protection Research Institute, Plant Protection Department of the Belarusian Crop Farming Research Institute, Plant Protection Department and the Biological Pest Control Lab of Belarussian Potato and Hortic Research Institute.

The Institute is a leading scientific and methodical center coordinating research on agricultural crop ction against pests, diseases and weeds in Belarus.

The Institute is a member of the RUE “ Scientific and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for arable Farming " according to the Presidential Decree dated April 18, 2006 № 242